David’s Story

After suffering a stroke, David was placed in in a residential aged care facility. Apart from his speech being affected and trouble finding his words, David made a full recovery and wanted to return home. However, David’s son Peter had taken all the furniture from David’s unit and refused to give it back. Peter also had David’s bankcards and wasn’t giving David much money.

David didn’t think he had given Peter any authority to take over his money or his unit, and Peter was refusing to communicate with him.

David’s partner, Martha, said that although the doctor had given David clearance to go home, the facility staff said that he had to stay there.

Martha supported David to get some help, so together they contacted the Tasmanian Elder Abuse Helpline. Over the phone, the facts of David’s situation were confirmed as well as David not being aware that any Enduring Power of Attorney or Enduring Guardianship was in place.

Legal support through Legal Aid was discussed, as well as a Community Social Worker for support and help. The offer of an Advocate through Advocacy Tasmania to help David understand his rights and options was made and he accepted.

Through the Advocate, David and Martha were empowered to speak up and obtained social leave from the aged care facility so that David could trial living independently in his unit again. David decided not to worry about getting his furniture back from his son and instead accessed furnishings for his unit through a charity service. The Advocate also supported David to request that Peter return his bankcards.

Now David says that he and Martha are delighted that they can again spend time together in privacy at his unit and that he was going well at home.

To ask questions or for more information call the Helpline on 1800 441 169.

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